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AYUR MYNTRA is an experienced ayurvedic research company established with the inspiration of St.Devi Lal Ji to pass the benefits of Harbal, Jaivic and Ayurvedic medicines to the masses. Top management team of AYUR MYNTRA consists of Grand Children of St.Devi Lal Ji.

Vision and Mission of AYUR MYNTRA is to provide best Herbal and Ayurvedic and Jaivic products manufactured under strict quality control and make these products reach common man at an economical cost.


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Being driven by a pool of experienced and skilled medical practitioners having specialization in this branch,we can provide you with the best of the treatment.Our friendly as well as helpful staff ensures that you feel comfortable with us.Also we have latest equipment and medical kits to perform tests and treatment.With us on board, you do not only get treated for sexual problems but also get counselling sessions which help in enhancing your relationship with your partner. We perform comprehensive medical checkup before initiating the treatment. We strongly believe in identifying the root cause of the problem so that you can get the right treatment.

Infact Our team of fully qualified sexologist,sexual therapists have helped more than 5,00,000 (5 Lakhs) men and women of all ages to start enjoying a happier and sexually fulfilling life that they never thought possible.

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We have been providing sexual treatments for a long time.Number of people experiencing sexual problems has increased in the last few years.We understand and respect the fact that sexuality is the most secret and sensitive aspect of your personality. There have been cases where patients end up developing low self-esteem and low self-respect because of sexual problems.However, that was the past. You can now get rid of most of the sexual problems provided you undergo the treatment at the right time. We can come to your rescue by prescribing the right treatment for the sexual problem which is worrying you.

Common Sexual Problems

Sexologist is assumed to be the one who treats the patient suffering from sexual weakness but sexual problems are not genetic, it happens due to unhealthy life and stressful livings so a sexologist must be good psychiatrist who go through the deep analysis, a urologist who test the real problem through urine sample and finally a sexual health doctor who treats the patients through counseling, oral medicine, and therapies. These psycho-sexual problems may lead to guilt, shame but taking help or professionals will offer a roadway towards happy married and sexual life. Know the more common sexual problems:-

Self Sexual Activity (Mast.)

Earlier it was considered against the healthy sexual life as the hard friction of fingers or hands may make the glans nerves sensitive and its hypersensitivity may cause premature ejaculation or impotence. Although in many of the cases, it is considered to be good for healthy life, especially for women. Yes, mast. keeps their pelvic bone strong. Excessive mast. always redirects you towards negative consequences. It is the biological necessity yet it should not be affected by the artificial methodologies. A boy suffering from the excessive mast. may not be able to satisfy his partner after marriage due to early discharge. Normal practice is ok but excess of everything may spoil the things. People having the desire of mast. may contact the best sexologist in Delhi i.e. Dr. Inderjeet Gautam

Premature Ejaculation

It is the most common disease in one among 8-10 men which leave them in a frustrating and unhappy married life. There are two stages of premature ejaculation. In one situation, one may ejaculate his semen soon after inserting his part into the vagina and where a female has no opportunity to reach orgasm. It is also known as ejaculation post portas. The second one is known as Ejaculatio ante portas in which a man may ejaculate before having an introduction with female vagina. It may occur while kissing or getting closer. Both the situations are embarrassing and men may feel the lack of confidence. Continuous ejaculation or sexual failure may create a stage of depression or tension. Although every man who ejaculate before females reach the orgasm, may not be suffering from this problem, it is the human capacity to perform sexual coital movements. For their mental satisfaction or happy married life, they may contact the expert sexual doctors.

Night Dreams

This stage is also called night emission or wet dreams in which a boy or male ejaculate while sleeping. Usually, it is not considered to be normal; having night ejaculation is far from the natural sexual stage. In practical, there are two types of night falls. One which is happened in a fortnight or in a month. It just leaves a mark on boy undergarment and it happened at the young age when the sexual desire is at its peak. The stressful stage is when it happens in short intervals or twice in a week. This stage cannot be neglected and delay in treatment may lead to impotency, premature ejaculation. Night dreams or night falls are unnatural so visiting sexual health clinic will be fruitful. In many definitions, it is also called "Spermatorrhoea".


Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

it is the stage when a man no longer keeps the erection of his part for sexual intercourse. It may be an on-going problem which may make the man more stresses, or relationships may also fall down. This may be the combination psychological, physical or unknown origin. Although 10% cases happen due to stress or psychological problems but if it persists for the long duration, it may fall under Physical weakness. And 85% cases are suffering due to physical negligence. People suffering from ED or impotence may feel the problem of self-esteem and regular fights between couples. Do not hesitate, go and get the online consultation through best sexologist in Delhi.

STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease

These are generally transmitted through sexual intercourse and some classic STDs are Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chancroid, Lymphogranuloma Venere and Granuloma Inguinale. Apart from this several infections are occurring which are recognized through deep research. To have protection from these STDs, couples are always suggested to have HIV test before conceiving or planning a baby.

Apart from these common sexual problems, male may have infertility problems which are the subsequent consequence of one of the above or the expansion of all disease. Timely consultation is the only advisable tip to cure the sex-related problems in India.


Consult Gupt Rog Specialist Online In India

  •  The combination of Ancient formulations, local aesthetics, anti-depressants and desensitizing techniques.
  • Proper counselling session via expert psychiatrist (the same role can be played by the sexologist). It is also named as psychotherapy.
  • Regular physical exercise, yoga, meditation, Walking, Jogging or any of them.
  • Balanced food filled with healthy nutrients. Try to intake much water and at least, a glass of fruit juice daily.
  • Proper rest or timely nap to reduce tiredness.
  • Regular Medical checkups on annual intervals.
  • Stop taking alcohol and say no to smoking.
  • Spending quality time with the partner.

90% of diseases are originated due to psychological factors and physical negligence. Nothing is inherited so one should avoid taking the stress. It cannot be avoided but effective measures can be used to normalize life. People must spare some time for fun activities. Instead of ignoring negative people, one should ignore their negative sides. A healthy life is the key of happy life.

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A disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood.


Sexual Disorder

Sex has always been the subject of much contradiction, although social structures in India are very strict on this, the study of gender through both physical and psychological approaches – has been practised since ancient times.

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Dr C.S Samant

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

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Dr C.S Samant Super Speciality Clinic is known for housing experienced Sexologists. Dr C.S Samant, a well-reputed Sexologist, practices in Rajasthan. Visit this medical health centre for Sexologists recommended by 56 patients.




Dr Rajesh Gupta is an excellent ayurvedic diabetologist researcher, exemplary organizer and administrator. He has 19 years of experience in Ayurveda.



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Dr Anuradha Batra where DERMATOLOGIST provides all scientific, effective, innovative and clinically proven treatments. GYNECOLOGIST deals with the health of the female reproductive systems. The term means the science of the woman.

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Dr Anil Gupta is an excellent ayurvedic sexologist and passionate about helping patients improve their sexual health. he has 14 years of experience in sexology.

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Dr R.k joshi has 13 years of experience in sexology in Ayurveda. He is a complete Sexologist to treat sexual problems in mens specially.


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